Fairy tales are filled with images of strong and healthy horses running wild and free. As children, we often dreamed of horses as loving and beautiful companions and longed to be with them. But some of those images are only fanciful in Maricopa County. The shocking reality is that several hundred horses each year become sick or injured and are abandoned by their owners, or worse, abused and neglected by owners or horse traders. These horses come to the attention of county and state authorities or concerned neighbors. In the past, the leading solution has been euthanasia or sending the animal to slaughter.

Now there is another option in the Valley. The Arizona Equine Rescue Organization was founded for the purposes of equine rescue, rehabilitation, and community outreach and education. AERO provides a productive life for unwanted horses and provides a community resource for youth who find solace in spending time with the horses.

The need for rescue and rehab is evident. The Maricopa County Sheriff's office and the AZ Livestock Board see thousands of abuse cases each year but state laws do not allow easy seizure. And only through collaborative partnerships with law enforcement, equine health care providers, and community awareness, is AERO able to make a difference one horse and child at a time!

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