Sponsor-a-Horse Program AERO is seeking your support!

The Sponsor-a-Horse  the program allows you to sponsor a horse that we rescued and that is either currently undergoing rehabilitation, or is a rescue that is now part of our children's program. Your contribution will greatly help to rehabilitate the horse and eventually lead to it going to a great home! If it's one or our permanent rescues, your sponsorship will help to provide ongoing care so the horse can remain a viable part of our children's program. Here's how you can help:

  • $50 /month - pays for the horse's exercise program
  • $100 /month - pays for special needs / medical care for a rescue
  • $250 /month - pays for the horse's feed
  • $500 /month - pays for the horse's complete care (feed, post-operative medical expenses, exercise program, ongoing rehabilitation/special needs)

Donate Now Through Network for Good
Network for Good is a secure site that supports credit card and recurring monthly donations as well!