NOTE FROM AERO: Panda was evaluated at Horses Help! and it was determined that he was the same size as another pony and not the larger size that they really needed. In order to get him refresher training he was pulled into a foster care home where he will be a project for a young teenager.

Monday, June 29, 2009:

[Provided by Grandma Sharlene] Panda moved to the Jarosek's barn temporarily while he learns more ground work. Tara is going to be his trainer (with Soleil's help). Tara worked with Panda his first night while thunder and lighting were going on. Along with that, he had food waiting for him. Tara mainly worked on walking and making him stop when asked. It was quite a challenge! Tara also attempted to brush him. That was a challenge as well. He was trying to move all over the place. He is adorable. Tara is very appreciative of this task. She will now have the experience of what it's like to train a horse.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009:

Panda is very pushy since he hasn't been worked with for awhile. He is a bit over weight which we're working on. We are also working on training him. Right now we're working on making him learn to not be in your space. He's doing better already after two days here. Everyday it gets better because you don't have to pull back as hard as you usually do, which is good.

Thursday July 7, 2009:

Tonight I worked with Panda and it's getting so much better (Panda backing up.) He was in with Zeus today while Zeus was sick and every time Zeus would try to lay down Panda would come over and make him get up. It was so cute!

July 16, 2009:

Working with Walter was great! He showed me how to say no and REALLY mean it. He also explained to me why it’s important to greet Panda before you go toward him and tell him what to do. He was explaining to me about why Panda was in my space when I walk him and it’s because when I walk with him I was holding him close to me, he said to let Panda choose to follow you and then stop and if he’s to close make him back up as many steps as you want him to.
Walter also told me to pick a place and go to it by making Panda get out of my way. He also told me to love on Panda by rubbing his legs and playing with his lip which is scary. He told me how important it is to rub both his head and butt to make him feel like you want him to be relaxed.
I did everything Walter showed me, walked him from a distance and made him stop, if he didn't i made him back up. He did super good, i'm no longer scared of Panda!