How We Help!

AERO is dedicated to providing community outreach and we've tailored many programs to reach out to a diverse population for education, awareness, and service. Some of our programs include Youth Volunteer Day, Education Workshops, and a host for other equine community service and education programs. We feel each of these programs offer a unique experience for the participants to increase their awareness of horses, as well as themselves. Most of our programs, though directly involved with horses, can be applied in many situations in our day-to-day lives whether at home, at school, at work, or in the community. Take a moment to review our programs and we hope you'll sign up for your unique experience!

Kids Make a Difference!

Part of our youth program at AERO is to provide a means for youth to volunteer at the facility to strengthen the out-of-school experience and have access to a mentorship program. We sponsor these events once every other month, and they're open to youth and adolescents who wish to come and help! The volunteer activities include grooming the horses, helping to tend wounds/bandaging, and hand-walk exercises with the horse. These activities provide the means for the youth to learn improved communication and body language, how to be assertive in a positive way, and the experience of providing compassionate care to another being. >> sign up

Awareness and Education -- one person (and horse) at a time!

Our workshops offer the attendee unique one-on-one experiences and participants can take the workshop whether they have actual horse experience or not! >> see schedule

Equine Massage Students at AERO

AERO is proud to partner with the Arizona Institute of Equine Massage for the use of our facility and horses for their students. The students are able to work with the horses as they learn massage techniques during their 200-hour course. And, the horses at AERO get therapeutic benefits and always feel great afterwards!

Cave Creek School District Six Pillars Horse Program

This program involves the AERO horses going to the elementary schools in CCUSD to have small classes for specially selected children to go thru exercises emphasizing the six pillars of character: respect, responsibility, fairness, trustworthiness, caring and citizenship.

MCART Large Animal Disaster Planning Team

AERO is part of the team that creates and supports assisting large animals in the event of state of emergency or disaster in Maricopa County. This includes going to meetings, managing the plan and participating in practice events.

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