Are there always horses available for adoption at AERO?

Because of the number of horses and the length of time it takes to rehabilitate horses at AERO adoption candidates are limited in number each year. When a horse becomes available for adoption it will be placed on our home page so keep checking back. Back to top

Why are Adoptions from Rescue Facilities, and particularly AERO, so involved?

AERO takes pride in a comprehensive rehabilitation process for each horse that comes to the AERO facility. Each rescue that comes to AERO incurs extensive rehabilitation costs ($3000-$6000 per horse) which are not recuperated in the adoption process. For this reason our adoption requirements are extensive in order to ensure the best placement for the horse and Adoption Candidate. For other facilities this is also true - the average rescue rehabilitation time is 9-12 months and it is important that placement is carefully considered because of the time and money already invested in the rescued horse.

Our objectives in the adoption process are: 1) To ensure that there is a good match between horse and Adoption Candidate in personality, capability, and experience. 2) To ensure that the safety of the horse and Adoption Candidate are NOT compromised in any way once the horse leaves AERO facilities 3) To ensure long term health and well-being of horse to be adopted. Back to top

What are the steps to Adopting a horse from AERO?

Adoption Candidate must fill out an adoption application and complete an interview by AERO staff. This interview will cover horse facilities, horse handling experience, intended use of horse, financial capabilities, and terms of adoption from AERO.

  1. Adoption Candidate must show an established relationship with a veterinarian that AERO can contact. If no relationship with a veterinarian exists, AERO can recommend a veterinarian for the Adoption Candidate to contact. Adoption Candidate is responsible for establishing initial contact and relationship with veterinarian for adoptive horse care.
  2. Adoption Candidate must complete AERO Basics of Horse Body Language Clinic regardless of experience.
  3. Adoption Candidate must make at least four visits with horse to bond (under AERO supervision) before removing the horse from AERO property.
  4. If AERO deems it necessary (such as a first time horse owner or an adoptor who does not have an established relationship with a veterinarian), AERO may require a trial period where care for the horse is monitored. During this time the horse may be removed if it is found to be in conditions of neglect or abuse. If a horse is removed any fees will be fully refunded and the adoptor will not be eligible for adoption of any horse from AERO in the future.
  5. Adoption Candidates will sign an adoption agreement which includes full title transfer and first right of refusal to AERO if no longer able to care for adopted horse. In first right of refusal AERO has the option of purchasing the horse back from the owner at a mutually agreeable price, usually the original adoption fee. If the horse has a medical condition that was not diagnosed while in AERO's care and the owner wants to return the horse to AERO, refund of the adoption fee is NOT automatic.
  6. AERO fills out state transfer paperwork and provides full documented history of care while at AERO.
  7. AERO requests that Adopter calls AERO once a year for updates on adopted horse but this is optional. Adopter is welcome to call AERO at anytime to ask questions. Back to top

Do I own the horse once I adopt it?

Once a horse is adopted from AERO it is fully owned by the Adopter. AERO makes three conditions a part of full title transfer of the horse. 1) Horse is micro-chipped to permanently hold AERO information in the case that it makes it’s way to auction or slaughter. 2) Adopter agrees to give AERO first chance at buying or taking the horse back into the rescue under mutually agreeable terms should the Adopter be unwilling or unable to keep the adopted horse. 3) Adopter agrees to provide level of care as described in Adoption Regulations for as long as Adopter owns the horse.

Note that many rescues never relinquish ownership of a horse even if an adoption fee is paid so that the horse can be removed if it should become necessary. AERO does not follow this practice due to the financial burden it places on the rescue so extra care is taken to place a horse initially. Back to top

How much does it cost to adopt a horse from AERO?

Adoption fees vary widely based on the horse’s capability, age and special care needs. Although AERO adoption fees are often lower than if a horse were purchased from a regular seller be aware that this does not make an AERO horse a cheaper horse to obtain. Often AERO horses will continue to need special care all their lives even when they are sound. Also, regardless of how you obtain a horse the actual care of the horse is always more expensive than the initial purchase price.

For a FREE Horse Care Spreadsheet that allows you to input the costs of care for your situation to give you a clear picture of monthly and annual costs contact us. In AERO’s experience a horse that receives proper care costs on average $3000 per year (more if the horse is boarded). Urgent horse care, such as colic surgeries, often can cost $5000 or more. Injuries or problems in horse legs can cost $1500-$3000. Emergency veterinary calls usually cost a minimum of $300. A horse is a significant financial commitment that should not be taken lightly. Back to top

Can I fill out an adoption application even when there are no horses currently available?

Yes! Feel free to fill out an application and we will contact you if we have a horse that might match your needs! We keep adoption applications on file for one year and contact you before it expires to see if you want to remain on our Adoption Candidate list. Use the contact us link below to receive an application. Back to top

What are the Adoption Regulations for the horse's care?

Adoption regulations cover what is considered humane and responsible care for a horse, including humane handling, appropriate living area, food and water. Adoption regulations apply to the trial period before a horse is fully owned by the Adoption Candidate and the outlined care applies to the horse even after fully adopted as long as the Adoption Candidate will own the horse. Upon starting the adoption process AERO will carefully review these regulations with each Adoption Candidate. Back to top

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