Large Animal Rescue Company drives two days to Phoenix to help AERO teach first responders and community members twice a year on how to extract horses from emergency situations safely for both people and animals. This training is two day intensive technical training with lots of hands on exercises on how to tie horses to back boards, prepare them for a helicopter lift, get them safely out of trailer accidents, pull them from ditches, holes and mud, and help them out of swimming pools. Trained individuals complete the course with a test and certification and are then included on a list to dispatch units around the state.

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Large Animal Rescue Training 2013
Basic Training: Saturday, October 12th / Sunday, October 13th
Registration Begins: 7:30am
Class Start: 8:00am Class End: 5:30pm (All Class Days)
Instructed by Large Animal Rescue Company
Location: Daisy Mountain Fire Administration Building (Station141)
43814 New River Rd.,
New River, AZ. 85087