• Zeph - 7yo TB Light Trail Horse
  • Allie - 4yo Palomino Tovero Paint unstarted and needs advanced handler.

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Volunteering at Aero

  • Special thanks to all the volunteers who have helped us tremendously through the years. AERO is an all volunteer organization with over 7,000 hours donated in 2010!
  • Volunteers are accepted on a limited basis and must commit to a six month regular schedule.
  • For more info contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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Our Latest Rescues

  • Whisper is a 8yo Mustang abandoned by his owner and Dept of Agriculture asked for assistance. He was successfully adopted to a good home in Rio Verde!
  • Rainbow was a 20+ grade one starvation stray that had cancer, cushings, and laminitis. Dept of Agriculture seized and AERO humanely euthanized.

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  • We are not accepting new volunteers at the facility but new volunteers can help at events and in the kids program. Please stay in touch on Facebook for most current volunteers or visitors will be allowed at the facility without an apppointment.
  • Emergency Pages for Large Animal Rescue: please call or text 602.538.0416

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